Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Snuggling is my favorite.

I knew it. Last weekend was going to be the last beautiful weekend for the rest of our lives ever. Well, until spring. The gorgeous sunny, cloud free skies have turned on me this week bringing in rain, rain oh and MORE rain. Seriously Georgia, I do not want to hear one more word about a drought until at least 2012. I cannot believe just 6 months ago Sonny Perdue was advising us to all take 5 minute showers and if it is yellow let it mellow. Now, Atlanta might as well be Seattle’s first cousin. My new uniform once I arrive home from work includes sweatpants, long sleeved shirts, big thick socks or Uggs and a snuggie. My bf is one lucky man to live with such a hottie.

Flashback to last weekend when the weather was actually gorgeous! Friday night was bestie date night with Kelly. Kelly recently started her own blog chronicling her adventures in marking off one Atlanta Bucket List item at a time. I clearly inspire people. CNN hero of the year…right here kids. You can follow her here. Anyways, we ventured out on a lovely evening to begin checking off that list. Side note – there are few things that give me more satisfaction than checking things off lists. It just feels good. So I was the obvious wingwoman for the Atlanta Bucket List challenge. We began the night at the Righteous Room where we noshed on burgers and indulged in several Yuenglings (thank god we have that beer in Georgia now.) I am a big fan of anything involving exposed brick and this place was made extra righteous because of said architectural accent. We then sauntered over to the Highland Inn which Kelly had been to previously, but I was a virgin. My date for the night paid my way in to a basement full of low lights, antique stacked tvs and a fantastic soul band that put the groove into the evening. We have developed a naughty habitat of walking into random places like we own that ish and, of course, walked right up front to show off our fierce dance moves. The night then leads us to a “party” and finally to Smith’s olde bar where we showed off our dart skillz in the smoke filled room.

Saturday morning came too early and I snuggled as long as possible before being Betty Homemaker and making breakfast for my love and Nina. It is so marvelous having her right next door. Happy family at the Manor on Monroe. After being lazy for another hour or 3, Nina and I took a jaunt down to the Chomp and Stomp in Cabbagetown. This was supposed to be a Chili event, but somehow we ended up munching on corn dogs and funnel cake. Sounds like the SC state fair minus the gun shots. It was such a gorgeous day so I loved that we spent it outside soaking up the remainder of habitable weather. After the sunset it became a tad chilly so naturally we skipped over to Moe’s and Joe’s for more beer and dinner. Saturday night was officially the celebration of Nina’s 22nd birthday. We gathered at her apartment to have a drink or two and discover the many definitions of trumpet. Then, it was off to East Atlanta to begin the night of debauchery. The night included one too many shots at Graveyard, dance circles at Eastside lounge and thievery at Tin Roof. Oh and, does anyone remember that dance you did in middle school where you and your friend would grab opposite arms and then squat down, then pop back up and switch arms…etc? Well, Nina and I did and that was pretty much the highlight of the night. You’re welcome Eastside Lounge patrons.

Sunday was lovely with snuggles, errands, laundry, cleaning…the works. Oh and it may or may not have involved avocado masks and multiple SATC episodes. The weekend ran away entirely too fast and this week is dragging on slowly. The horrendous weather is not helping. Even eating grilled cheese and tomato soup everyday isn’t making time go any faster. Sigh. This weekend is supposed to be rather low key so I guess I will just have to wait until then to get in my doctor prescribed snuggle time. Doctors orders.

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  1. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is pretty much the best meal ever.

    Well, besides corn dogs and funnel cake.