Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jesus Christ

Drowning in my immense boredom earlier this afternoon, I took to the blogosphere for pure entertainment or at least a slice of mind numbing trickery that would get me to that oh so magical five o’clock. I love going to and just clicking on something random to start reading. From there, I simply make my way through the mess of template and find the oh so joyous ‘next blog’ button. Typically, this leads me on an interesting adventure where I could happen to find something worth subscribing to in attempts to add a bit more substance to my Google Reader. Today that did not happen. Instead, I somehow ended up in a never ending circle of biblical proportion – literally. Each blog I visited was centered on the bible. Very strange since usually I click from babies to butchery in one fell swoop.

I started with Bob’s Log. The title was catchy enough to grab my eye and I was hoping for something racy! Bob spends his day analyzing and translating Psalms. Next.
Then, I came across Between Sundays. I don’t know what this person talks about, but the entry had a huge picture of jesus and their twitter account is linked to the blog which read, “Night one of VBS was terrific.” Next.
After that, I discovered Forever His. The subtitle to this blog says, “I have summoned you by name. You are mine.” Isaiah 43:1. Unless Isaiah is Dr. Burke with all that hotness, minus the homophobic slurs, then no merci. Next.
Finally, I clicked once more in hopes of finding something actually worth reading and I found Falling into Grace. NOPE. NO THANKS. DONE.

I think there are two possible things one would think from this very odd occurrence today. One, maybe I need god in my life. Maybe this is his way of telling me, “hey, hey you down there! Pay attention and get on board with my whole jesus thing.” Two, I should start my own cult. I have witnessed the power of religion today and find it fascinating. I can only imagine what I am capable of if I start now. Maybe this time next year there could be four blogs about little ole me :) I mean, hey, I do have nine followers!