Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A few months ago, a friend asked me to name a woman I admired and why. Without hesitation, I replied: My mother because she has always worked hard to be successful while maintaining a charitable heart and recently has reinvented herself into a modern business woman in the face of great adversity including a recession. Oh and all while looking fabulous. I am a very lucky girl to have such an amazing mother or as I call her Motha. I often post on shout outs to her in efforts to promote her biz and figured she is finally VIP enough to make an appearance on my bloggity blog considering she now has her very own. You can check it out here for great giveaways, fun stories and tips about chicken farming. Seriously.

Motha is the owner and sole designer of Retro Revival and hand sews the most darling items ever all with a splash of retro sparkle. Currently, her most in demand items include functional tote bags perfect for the gym, grocery store and beyond; darling aprons you will wear with pride as you bake your favorite apple pie or nuke a yummy Lean Cuisine; and adorable shower caps that you will just die over. Every item is meticulously handcrafted by Motha with the most superior quality and attention to detail. Everyone just loves her stuff.

She started her very own website to promote her business just several months ago and has since focused her marketing efforts mainly through facebook and word of mouth. Her diligent efforts have yielded high rewards and she is now an international seller with buyers in Canada and Italy. She also just secured her first retailer in Alpharetta, Georgia who will be selling many of her items. She is attending a few craft shows this spring to not only sell her amazing gems, but to help spread the Retro Revival word. Her online boutique is mostly where her business is generated and she is constantly updating the inventory with fabulous new treasures created in her sewing studio on the farm. As mentioned before, she recently started her very own Retro Revival blog. Every hit to her website and blog ups her chances of more people discovering her fantastic goodies so please spread the word. I am unbelievably proud of her and all her hard work. She is the most amazing women ever and I am so lucky to be able to call her Motha.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy National Margarita Day!

No time to give this particular blog the true attention it deserves, but I still wanted to show some respect and wish you all a happy, tequila filled national margarita day! Perfect to compliment the stuffed peppers I intend on making tonight. So, ladies and gents, pull out that old bottle of tequila, mixer and ice and let her my father would say...FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!

Happy drinking :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fat People Suck

The recent media coverage sparked by a certain Fat guy’s Twitter rant has escalated my eyeball rolling to an all time high. For those of you unfamiliar with the situation, a review:

Fat guy buys two plane tickets for flight on Southwest because when you are fat you are required to buy space for your other ass cheek. NBD. Fat guy has always done this with no problemo. Fat guy then decides to take an earlier flight where there is only one seat available. Southwest allows him to board even though he shouldn’t have been allowed. Their fault. Then, they see Fat guy and realize he is way too big, there are not enough seats and embarrass the heck out of him by ejecting him from the flight. Media hysteria ensues.

I cannot imagine how mortifying it must have been. Strapped in, ret to go and then BAM…you are too Fat to fly. Please leave. It was totally Southwest’s fault for letting him board in the first place, but maybe they thought hey he isn’t THAT fat and only later realized he really is THAT fat.

I find it ridiculous that this was such a big deal. Fat guy knew the rules and always abided by them. Yes, in his defensive, they did let him board, but who hasn’t ever made a mistake?! They righted a wrong and all was good in the air. Besides, his big claim is that he was embarrassed. Really? You let yourself walk around like that every day and don’t get mad at yourself for the embarrassment. Why get POed at an airline simply following the rules for your and other passengers safety?

Instead of using all his energy bitching and moaning, waa waa waa, about being embarrassed might I suggest a work out? Dropping a few lbs might help prevent this situation in the future and save a few buckaroos in the process. And, just think, all that effort to squeeze his butt out of the tiny little airplane seat, the walk of shame and all the huffing and puffing that followed might have burned a few extra calories. Maybe he should say thank you to Southwest for kick starting his metabolism just a smidge.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cool Runnings

Somehow the 2010 Winter Olympics have snuck up on me. They start tomorrow! I realize that typically the summer games get way more hype and while I too tend to watch more of those games I am excited to tune in and discover what Vancouver has to offer. I am dying to explore that city one day and hope that by perusing the slopes and skating rinks during these Olympic Games I might happen upon some interesting facts that may push me over the edge to purchase yet another airline ticket. * A moment of silence for my poor AMEX card *

In addition to my own agenda in watching the games, I am excited to watch some of the crazy stuff people can do on skis, skates and bob sleds. I heard on the news today that bob sleds get up to 90 mph on the Olympic track. I don’t even go that fast in my car on GA400 let alone in a boxcar, on ice while wearing spandex. You go girls…and boys. I will definitely be checking those races out as well as the big snowboard competitions where they do crazy tricks. The downhill speed stuff never interests me…snooze, but I will watch some nutso athlete twist, turn and what have you off a massive snow ramp any day. Oh and if they wipe out? Even more entertaining. Pass the popcorn.

Even though these are the winter games that start tomorrow, I would like to give a shout out to a Summer Olympian that I have found memories of. In the summer of 1992, Shannon Miller kicked mayjor butt on the gymnastics front. I remember watching her on TV and being blown away. I wanted to be Shannon Miller and signed up for gymnastics ASAP. During the medal ceremony I remember drawing a fabulous masterpiece of Ms. Miller on construction paper with colored pencils and asking my mother to please send this to her as I knew, for sure, that she would absolutely love it. I would venture to guess that Ms. Miller never received my amazing piece of artwork probably because my mother never sent it. Sigh. I wish I had a copy to share. Instead I will give you a taste of the real thing. Clearly nothing compared to my hand drawn amazingness, but I suppose it will do.

Go Shannon! Go USA! Go Winter Olympics 2010!