Monday, January 18, 2010


I remember back to elementary school and maybe even into middle school for this group of sophisticated and mature Georgians the phrase XYZ. That meant, dude, your fly is down. Apparently, XYZ actually is an abbreviation for, “examine your zipper.” I had no idea, but I got the jist back in the day. So, why is crazy talking about XYZ on Monday afternoon when she should be wrapping up work and scooting out the door to play? Um, well, it might have something to do with the fact I just walked around my office for a good hour with my fly down AND NO ONE TOLD ME. I know they saw. I know they giggled to themselves. I know they thought, oh what an idiot. And I definitely know they didn’t say one word to me let alone our favorite childhood FYI XYZ. Grrr. Why do people assume that letting someone politely, quietly know something is askew on their person is a bad thing? For the record, I would much prefer someone pull me aside and have the awkward, “hey I can see your who-ha,” or “so you have something fugly in your front teeth,” or “whoa buddy, looks like you dragged some tp out of the bathroom on your shoe” convo than have god knows how many more people see the embarrassment. It only takes one person to fix a tiny personal oppsie daisy and therefore prevent many more from becoming witness. Lucky for me, I tend to drink a hefty amount of water during the day and ended up in the bathroom before trotting passed my boss’s office. No worries, it is 4:47pm on Monday the eighteenth and I have no tp on my shoes, teeth sans greenery and now, thanks to no one in my office, my fly zipped shut as it should be on any good girl. Happy Monday kids!

I didn't dare Google image "pants zipper down" at work. Use your imagination pervs!

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