Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cool Runnings

Somehow the 2010 Winter Olympics have snuck up on me. They start tomorrow! I realize that typically the summer games get way more hype and while I too tend to watch more of those games I am excited to tune in and discover what Vancouver has to offer. I am dying to explore that city one day and hope that by perusing the slopes and skating rinks during these Olympic Games I might happen upon some interesting facts that may push me over the edge to purchase yet another airline ticket. * A moment of silence for my poor AMEX card *

In addition to my own agenda in watching the games, I am excited to watch some of the crazy stuff people can do on skis, skates and bob sleds. I heard on the news today that bob sleds get up to 90 mph on the Olympic track. I don’t even go that fast in my car on GA400 let alone in a boxcar, on ice while wearing spandex. You go girls…and boys. I will definitely be checking those races out as well as the big snowboard competitions where they do crazy tricks. The downhill speed stuff never interests me…snooze, but I will watch some nutso athlete twist, turn and what have you off a massive snow ramp any day. Oh and if they wipe out? Even more entertaining. Pass the popcorn.

Even though these are the winter games that start tomorrow, I would like to give a shout out to a Summer Olympian that I have found memories of. In the summer of 1992, Shannon Miller kicked mayjor butt on the gymnastics front. I remember watching her on TV and being blown away. I wanted to be Shannon Miller and signed up for gymnastics ASAP. During the medal ceremony I remember drawing a fabulous masterpiece of Ms. Miller on construction paper with colored pencils and asking my mother to please send this to her as I knew, for sure, that she would absolutely love it. I would venture to guess that Ms. Miller never received my amazing piece of artwork probably because my mother never sent it. Sigh. I wish I had a copy to share. Instead I will give you a taste of the real thing. Clearly nothing compared to my hand drawn amazingness, but I suppose it will do.

Go Shannon! Go USA! Go Winter Olympics 2010!

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