Thursday, November 19, 2009

I love our neighborhood.

As mentioned last week, I was thrilled about the amazing weather that was gracing Atlanta this weekend. As I sit here in my office sans window during yet another gloomy week, I yearn for that perfect weather.

I ventured into my blank scheduled weekend with excitement of what would fall onto my plate. Friday was a success as we sauntered down the street to Smith’s Olde Bar to celebrate Pat’s birthday. One too many shots later there was a strip show, an unexpected make out sess and a dance party that may or may not have involved How Bizarre. Um more like how amazing.

Saturday involved lots of snuggling and being lazy until Daniel had to go into work. Lame. After running off to dog sit in the ‘burbs, I returned home to continue my amazingly lazy day. I napped on the couch and spent some overdue QT with the pooch before Nina came over. After a quick trip to Rice Box, Trader Joes and Blockbuster, we were prepared for a lovely wine/Chinese/movie night. If you haven’t seen the Ugly Truth, put it in your queue. It is a super cute. As you can tell, my Saturday was ultimately boring, but I savored every moment. It was delicious.

Sunday was the icing atop an already amazingly relaxing weekend. I, of course, awoke early and checked off my to do list of regularly scheduled Sunday chores including: laundry, vacuuming in heals, cleaning the kitchen and dusting the living room. So satisfying. I don’t care what you say, chores might blow, but coming home to a clean house feels great. Once Daniel woke up, we headed out to Best Buy to purchase the new Super Mario Bros game for Wii. Side note – it is less than a week later and he has already beaten the entire game. Usually I am not one for video games, but Mario games are the best. They are the games I played as a child so I love them. Video game nerd? Sure, sign me up as long as it includes that fat little man in red. Moving on…after a short preview to the game Daniel, Dakota, Nina and I headed down to the park for a day of soaking in the final moments of weather perfection. The sound of the fallen leaves crunching below our feet was blissful.

As we head off to NYC next week for the holiday, I am excited to explore the city Daniel and I will live in come grad school completion in two years. I hope in the meantime to live it up in Atlanta as much as possible before we leave for good. Helping Kelly check off her Ultimate Atlanta Bucket List will ensure I am experiencing all of Atlanta’s greatness. I absolutely adore our little neighborhood and will miss it when we leave. Until then, I will frolic in the park as often as the fickle weather permits and take advantage of all the goodies between the manor and 10th street. I can’t wait to finally check out the Three Legged Cowboy and Woodys. Oh, I love Midtown.

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  1. Um, why did Saturday's activities (or lack thereof) not include watcing the Gamecocks play?!?! Sure, I may HATE football, but to watch us take on Florida and actually not be crushed within the first half...priceless.