Thursday, December 3, 2009

New York, I love you.

After spending yet another week in the city that never sleeps, the big apple, empire city, Gotham, the melting pot, the city or whatever you care to call it – I confess, I am deeply, madly and passionately still in love with New York City. We’ve been a part of a dramatic love affair going on several years and I must admit; distance does indeed make the heart grow fonder. It had been almost six full months since we had been united. Thanksgiving seemed like the perfect time to mesh the fabulous relationship with my city and my amazing love, Daniel, all together for a week of food, fun and frolicking. It.was.blissful.

Simply flying over our city at night as we arrived made my heart flutter with excitement as I saw all those bright lights shining for what seemed for a moment, just for us. Upon touchdown, we quickly jumped into one of those famous yellow cabs and head straight for the East Village where we would call home for the week to see my bff from college, Patrick. It was Patrick’s only night in town so after hellos and suitcase abandonment, we were off for a night of bar hoping which included a badass spot called Death Club. Apparently this trendy hot spot is difficult to get into (Patrick had been rejected twice before), but with Daniel and I in tow we were granted entry to this dark and sexy drinkery. Hand chopped ice cubes and freshly homemade juices added to the outrageous bill, but it was totally worth it. After we didn’t die at Death Club we hopped on to two other spots: one, Mary Kate Olsen frequents (alas my homie was not there that night, sigh) and the other featured a cat on the bar. A real, live, whiskey drinking feline. Oh, I love New York.

The next morning brought a nasty case of food poisoning for Daniel so after fixing him up with meds, water, the works I ventured out to spend the day with my city. (I made sure he was all set to go vomming away with the necessary items before I left. I maintain I am a fantastic gf). I headed up to Midtown to take Patrick to lunch at the Black Shack before he flew home for the holiday. We noshed on burgers and milkshakes while we caught up and gossiped about life, love and the pursuit of booty. I then frolicked around the streets solo for a while soaking up the energy of the city before heading back to check on sicky mcsickerson. Daniel was a trooper and peeled his body out of bed and his head out of the toilet to join me for a sunset jaunt over the Brooklyn Bridge. Out of the umpteen times I have been to NYC, I had never walked across the bridge. It is a must do. Great views, beautiful construction and you get to see tons of funny tourists taking a million photos (aka me). Just beware of the jacks bikers who will scream your head off it you even dare breathe over the line that separates the bike path and the picture path. Seriously dude? You are in a full on spandex suit with a helmet that resembles a comet. Yell at whoever let you out of the house looking a damn fool instead of lil ole me. Thanks. We spent the next few hours getting lost in Little Italy and Chinatown (where we casually walked next to Naomi Watts for two blocks, shoulder to shoulder while being photographed by the paps. Look for us in US Weekly!) before grabbing sushi and heading to the Bowery Ballroom to see the Julian Plenty show. What an awesome venue. No wonder it is uber famous. Three levels include a swanky lounge for drinks, the main concert room and a balcony section with a fab bar. The rest of the evening was spent bar hopping in the LES – cash only.

Wednesday was sleep in, lunch with family and the off to the newly opened Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA. It was really awesome and since Daniel was a film major he ate it up. Very cool to see original sketches, movie costumes and this little guy you might have heard of – John Mayer. Anyone? No? Oh, yea ok, I thought so. We initially were about three people behind him in line until the lady called all actual ticket holders to the front of the line. Being Ms. Planner I, of course, had tickets already in hand. Daniel and I by passed Mr. Mayer and his friend because we were VIP and apparently they were not. It felt pretty cool to be honest. The exhibit itself wasn’t huge so John caught up to us and we walked through together mostly. Granted, we didn’t actually exchange words, but I believe we exchanged air and that is enough for me ladies and gentlemen!

Thanksgiving could not have been more gorgeous. We woke up early to join 9 million other out of towners at the Macy’s Day Parade. They changed the route this year so we spent an hour running block to block trying to find the damn thing, but only catching the butt of Snoopy or the side of Pillsbury Doughboy. We eventually caught up and secured a great spot next to our closest 2,000 friends to see the rest of the parade ending perfectly with Santa. We then did some actual frolicking in Central Park followed by a viewing of the Fantastic Mr. Fox, a delish dinner complete with pumpkin ravioli and night of music and booze.

Friday, we made it over to an amazing bookstore that had an awesome rare books collection. We could have spent hours in there not to mention about a million dollars, but alas, we had to jet off to Philly to spend time with Daniel’s brother. I love Philly too. We had a great night of bar hoping and bonding. Saturday, Daniel and I walked around Philly for several hours taking in all the history and my very first ever in my life Philly cheesesteak. I figure it was the best place to do it. Amazing. Can’t wait for more in my future!

Sigh. We are now back home safely exhausted in ATL. After being to NYC so many times you would think I had done it all, but no. There are still a ton of things on my NYC bucket list that another trip is required ASAP. I know we will be moving there after Daniel is done with school, but I cannot wait that long to be reunited with my love. I predict a trip very soon to satisfy my needs. I will say, of all my trips, this had to be the best. My favorite city with my favorite person; life is sweet.

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