Friday, November 6, 2009

Pumpkin Paradise

My obsession with all things pumpkin has really intensified this year. I wake up on Saturday mornings craving a breakfast of pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin bagels and continue through the day dreaming of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Delish. I am not sure when pumpkin season officially ends, but I am hoping those talented baristas at Starbucks keep churning out that orange tinted goodness well into the chilly months ahead.

Last Thursday, we began the celebration of Nina’s 22nd birthday. Yay! A bunch of her friends headed down to Tin Lizzy’s Grant Park location and had a quick nosh on margaritas, fried pickles and skillets. Heaven. Tin Lizzy’s is hands down my fav and thus the best Mexican restaurant in Atlanta. Check # 143 off the Ultimate Atlanta Bucket list.

After a low key Friday night (I am such a rockstar), Saturday was finally Halloween. I spent the morning being absolutely lazy and finally snapped into action early afternoon. I went to find my friend so she could find her car from the previous night’s cougar filled activities. We then headed to Wendy’s where I promptly permanently borrowed about a bizillon ketchup paper pot thingys. Once back to the manor, we concocted the perfect Halloween treat for our preparty later that night – black cherry and orange jello shots. Thank you Wendy’s for making this all possible. I promise to buy several frostys in the near future to repay my debut to your fast food establishment.

Cougey and I then made a quick jaunt to Junkman’s Daughter and Psycho Sisters in efforts to finalize our costumes. Mainly, we both needed proper underwear since out outfits were slightly scandalous. Mission accomplished. Once deck out in our fabulous costumes, a few friends came over to indulge in our fancy treats and play on the new Tpain app for the iphone. Then, it was off to Spiralween with 3,000 other Atlantans. I had a blast. The band Yatch Rock played Michael Jackson’s Thriller album for the first set and it.was.awesome. So perfect and so fun. The night was filled with lots of dancing, random picture taking with fun costumed strangers, a fire drill, evacuation, Miley Cyrus, Max, too many shots and finally, of course, a graceful tumble by yours truly. I think the highlights of the evening may be better described through a photo montage. Enjoy.

Sunday, Nina officially moved into the apartment next to Daniel and I. Our family is complete :) It is so great having her right next door. Barely a week in and we have already had our first official Grey’s date night and cooking baking party. Love it.

This week has seemed very long, but it is finally Friday. Last night, I joined the rest of my company for the Bowl A Thon where we raised money for Make A Wish Foundation. 800 realtors bowling? Hilarious. Especially my agents who all had to go cups of margaritas in hand from dinner. Very entertaining night and most importantly, we raised lots of money for the kids.

I am looking forward to this weekend and the amazeballs weather that is predicted. One more Halloween party, birthday extravanga and a lovely Sunday of photographing autumn leaves in the park lay ahead of me. All I have to do is make it through today which, at 9:37am, is already proving difficult. Maybe I should take a break and go grab a pumpkin spice latte to help me through :)

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