Wednesday, October 28, 2009

TMNT the movie? Awesome. Reality? Not Awesome.

As my dear bestie, Kelly, has reminded me many a time this week, it is time to update my blog. Only a few weeks in and I am already slacking. Apologies to the fans. I do hope this entry lives up to the wild anticipation.

As a child, I was a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And by huge, I mean, I had the most totally tubular collection of TMNT figurines this side of the elementary school yard and out of all the boys in the neighborhood. Bet. I had Turtle Power coming out the ying yang my friends. If it had anything relating to greenish, shells or ninjas I was all about it. For those of you who may dismember, the turtles were rescued and raised by Splinter. A rat. Now, back in the day, Splinter was the man. He might have been old, but he was wise and he could kick some major Shredder butt. Well, in the cartoon and the movie a giant, mutant ninja rat seems pretty radical; however, this does not hold fast in reality. A giant mutant ninja rat? Not bodacious. This is my very own Splinter found in my pantry last weekend.



Oh. My. God. Dead? Yes. Disgusting? YES. Patrick and Daniel were kind enough to end my panic attack by disposing of the wise master ninja promptly and with great respect I would assume. Thankfully, super landlord swept in and poisoned the whole house and patched the hole the little fatty came through. I thought about escaping right then from the infested house altogether, but alas, I still love my 1912 traditional. “Character” and all. Oh and…the addition of the new tenant doesn’t hurt either. Especially when he brings home presents which turn out to be Mario kart for the Wii! Best. Boyfriend. Ever. Despite the chatter about TMNT and video games I swear I am a 100% an adult…most of the time ;)

Doesn't hurt that the new roomie also happens to be the most amazing guy ever and the love of my life :)

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