Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best of 2009

As the final moments of 2009 slip away into the past, many a publication are taking the time to reflect on what went down this past year. Well, I know that we all pay a certain regard to these lists, but I think I am way more qualified to determine what really was the best of 2009. Why? Because I am awesome. Duh. Here is my personal best of 2009…just a few of my favorite things…

Best Album – Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack
Karen O and the Kids delivered a stellar soundtrack to compliment one of my favorite movies this year. The childlike energy of each song wins this album a constant in my car; which says a lot considering Britney was the only one to ever have a permanent CD slot.

Best Song – Nothing Compares to You, as preformed by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

This is my go to jam out song. While on lap two of South Terminal at the airport last week, I was sitting patiently with about 1,200 other newly dubbed chauffeurs for the evening. Growing bored, I decided to entertain myself by completely rocking out to this song. On the third time the song was playing, an Atlanta Police officer tapped my window and told me I was having too much fun for being stuck waiting at the airport. Prince and Sinead have nothing on the Gimme Gimmes.

Best Concert – Britney Spears
The Circus came to town and Mary and I basically wanted to join and runaway. BSpears for life. Don’t hate.

Best Movie – 500 Days of Summer When I went to see this movie, I had never heard of it let alone seen a preview. Low expectations lead me to great results. Cute, offbeat, quirky, unconventianal romantic comedy. Comes out on DVD soon. Eeek!

Best Bar – Graveyard
Fun DJ spinning my favorite dance tunes? Check. 70s porn on the big screen? Check. Plenty of seating? Check. Best mix of people in Atlanta? Check. Ode to Baby Jesus Bunnies? Oh check yes. Always a fantastic time whether it’s team blackout or just a single beer kinda night.

Best Restaurant – Atmosphere

This tiny remolded house is home to the best French food this side of Peachtree. Well equppied with authentic Frenchies staffing both front and back of the house, adorable little dining areas, perfect lighting and hands down the best.damn.escargot.ever. Very romantic.

Best Festival – Luckyfest
I clearly had a blast. Just around the corner!

Best Trip – Puerto Rico and San Francisco It’s my list and I don’t have to pick if I don’t want to. Celebrating Lori and Will’s nuptials was exciting enough, but the beach? In January? Yes, please. Gorgeous, delicious, amazing.
Tony put it best when he said, “I left my heart in San Francisco.” I have developed a large, passionate crush on the city by the bay.

Best Holiday – 4th of July in Charleston
America’s birthday party brought me to Charleston this year where I partook in festivities on Morris Island all day long. Amazing weather, good friend.

Best Dakota Moment – Let’s just all be honest. When is there not a precious, muffin moment with Dakota? Muffinface 24/7 therefore I cannot pick a best. Best Moment of 2009– Meeting Daniel
No explanation needed. All is love.

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