Friday, December 18, 2009

Stash Bash 09

As I was wandering the grocery store aisles last Friday night in search of Velveeta for the must have party snack of rotel queso dip, I had a man stop me and ask, “so what’s the deal with the mustaches?” I forgot to mention I was rocking a fancy stash for our housewarming party that very night. The man continued to say he had recently observed an overwhelming surge in the mustache’s popularity. He begged the question, “who started all this?!” Two words, one man. Tom Selleck. Whether you became a fan of that fluffy, well maintained stash while Mr. Selleck was taking care of a baby with two other men, solving crimes against humanity as a Hawaiian detective or simply making Monica swoon while dilating her eyes, I think we can all agree that he defines the mustache, or more commonly known as moostache, as pure raw sexuality. Rawr!

Nina, Daniel and I welcomed everyone and their mother over for a good old fashion house party. Let the wild rumpus start! There was booze, flip cup, dance circles, gang initiations, snuggies, make out sessions, roof top activity and many a stash at the bash. The night is rather fuzzy, but the photos speak volumes. A montage for your enjoyment.

Oh, and yes, many were reserved at first to dawn a stash, but once the drinks were flowing that was no longer an issue. I leave you with a few words of wisdom which I whole heartily hope will make your next party and maybe even life in general a tad sweeter…embrace the stash.

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