Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Current Crushes

My friend Lauren’s blog is the one that inspired me to actually create my own. I just knew my life was so thrilling and exciting that I could no longer deprive cyberspace from my day to day activities. Anyways, Lauren did a post once about her current crushes and since my life this week is anything but exhilarating, I took inspiration (aka copied) from her once again and decided to share what I am crushin' on this week.

All things Munich – Stockholm – Berlin – Czech Republic related.
American New Year’s Eves are sooooo 2009. In an effort to kick the new decade off in style, Daniel and I will be venturing to Europe for a week to explore and indulge. Our week will hopefully involve, but not be limited to, lederhosen, huge beers, ice castles, snow, museums, holiday markets, gluvine, sausage, tiny foreign rental cars, cute villages, bed and breakfasts, the Autobahn and some guy named Checkpoint Charlie. Frolicking will most likely ensue. Green Tea.
Since my office likes to keep things about as warm as Antarctica this time of year, I am likely to OD on hot chocolate sometime very soon. Not to mention office hot coco isn’t nearly as fun as home hot coco which may or may not involve Baileys, Khalua or anything in that category. Thus, I sip on this lovely warm liquid each day to keep from turning into a very pretty ice cube.

Apple Bread.
I have yet to figure out how to use our bread maker, but will sometime in the near future. Until that oh so amazing time, I will continue to make this delish apple bread in a box from Trader Joes. Don’t hate. A tad dry in general, but if you had ¼ cup apple sauce it does the trick.

Another Trader Joe obsession of mine is Panilonco’s Carmenere from Chile. You will not believe me until you let this perfectly flavored red liquid gold hit your lips, but once you do you will be sold. For life. The $5 price tag is misleading considering I would pay much more for this tasty treat. Add it to your grocery list immediately if not sooner. You can thank me later by dropping a bottle off at the manor on Monroe. You’re welcome.

My current uniform upon arrival at the manor each day after work now includes my amazeballs snuggie Sunnie and Amy gave me for my birthday last year. Go ahead kids, jump on the bandwagon. They really are all their cracked up to be. Give in already. All the cool kids are doing it. I am very jeal of Nina's leopard print snuggie. She is so trendy!

Uggs/Carolina slippers.
Another feature of my after work attire is snuggley footwear sine the hardwood floors in our poorly insulted house built in 1912 just about could be an ice rink this time of year. Lately, I have been rocking the Carolina slippers in support of my team who so nicely dominated over Clemsux this year. It’s the least I can do to show my support. GO COCKS!

Naughty Christmas Music.
Have you ever really listened to some of the Christmas classics? Take a moment and find yourself in hysterics once you see what pervs our predecessors were. Example number uno,

Winter Wonderland: In the meadow we can build a snowman. Then pretend that he is Parson Brown. He'll say: Are you married? We'll say: No man. But you can do the job when you're in town. Um wtf? Who is this Parson character and what is "the job?"

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