Tuesday, April 6, 2010

5 things that I would get if money was NO OPTION

I saw this on another blog this morning and am stealing it. No apologies.

1. Macbook ~ I cannot tell you how many times this little gem has appeared in my shopping cart on Bestbuy.com, the Apple store and mentally in my mind on a daily basis. I am literally one more glass of wine away from hitting the check out button.
2. A trip around the world with stops in: Fiji, Venice, Malta, Bali, Sydney, Venice, Singapore, Bangkok, Laos, Vietnam, Venice, The Seychelles, Joburg, Morocco, Egypt, Barcelona, Paris, Mykonos, Venice, London, Dublin and did I mention Venice? http://www.staralliance.com/en/booking/book-and-fly/#
3. A faboosh LAMB handbag that I cannot find anywhere besides ebay.
4. This to.die.for chair from Paris on Ponce. Seriously, who wants to give me $1400?
5. The entire Le Creuset enameled cast iron cookware line…in every color. When it comes to cooking there are a few rules I live by. I believe in garlic, I believe in cooking while drinking red wine, and I certainly believe that this gorg cookware adds a little magic to each dish and thus tastes like you truly are Betty Crocker. What would you buy today if money were no option?

1 comment:

  1. I would buy nothing. Instead, I would steal everything you posted. I mean, having that chair could be worth losing a friendship over. Right? Naaaaaaaaaaaah :)