Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pullman Yard

A few months ago, my dear Sil heard that there was some abandoned train yard hidden in downtown Atlanta. We fully intended on finding said yard at that time, but alas, life gets in your way and it is now APRIL. Sil had to work this weekend, so with bf in tow we ventured out on yet another adventure. Life is good.

Daniel used his amazeballs investigative skillz to track down the exact location of the yard and we were off! For those Atlantans reading, you can find the yard on the edge of Kirkwood just passed the Arizona Lofts. At first glance, I was a bit apprehensive of all the NO TRESSPASSING signs. After all, I am kinda a stickler for the rules. Onward we marched until we found a break in the chain link fence and barb wire where we easily squeezed through – thank god we are skinny.

And there it was.

We spent the next hour or so in awe of this amazing place that was completely abandoned. The main office was trashed, but still had big red Christmas bows on the ground surrounded by mounds of paperwork. The entire property is comprised of several buildings including the main, very large warehouse where we discovered an old Amtrak train that was awesome. It was completely graffited on the outside and we were tempted, but too scared to go inside. It looked as if the old train might have a newer occupant as we saw a couch, table and bottle of booze from the doorway. We decided we would save that for the next trip. The crumbling brick buildings were punctured with trees squeezing through the slightest crack and exploding on the other side, the glass windows have long been broken and leave light pouring through the side buildings while the main warehouse is graffited to the max, dark and haunting. The slightest breeze and you would hear things that gave you goosebumps simply from the huge, echoing rooms.

This place really was amazing and I am so glad we got in, got out and didn’t get caught. A photo montage for your viewing pleasure.

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