Thursday, April 22, 2010

Half way through my third decade…

Technically, I am still in my mid twenties which is just how I like things…in the middle. I don’t particularly care for summer or winter, I like autumn and spring. When it comes to my mattress, I prefer something not too firm and not too soft or my back begins to feel like an old woman. Oh and ice cream? No thank you…too icy and frozen yogurt is too creamy. I choose gelato every time if available. Right in the middle.
So here I am in the middle and loving every moment. I think I am supposed be more of an adult nowadays, but I certainly don’t feel like that. I guess if I actually felt old then I would be freaking out about each birthday. Good thing reality hasn’t had a chance to set in yet. Catch me if you can!
This birthday was exceptionally amazing. I am tempted to hack into and type a laundry list of words that mean exceptionally amazing, but hopefully you can live without and feel joy through the screen of your tiny little window to the cyber world.
Part uno of my bday to rival all bdays was a small trip over the other side of the pond to an island you might have heard of…JAPAN! BAM! The bf and I boarded a plane at oh way too early o’clock a few days prior to the magical day of my birth to saunter over the Pacific and land safely in cherry blossom heaven. Tokyo was amazing. The city is MASSIVE. Think of New York City. Got it? Now multiply by 20 and you might be close to the size of Tokyo. We spent 5 days there and barely scratched the surface of what this fantastic place has to offer. It is hands down the cleanest place I have ever visited and home to the nicest people ever made. The food was interesting, but tasty nonetheless; however, there wasn’t as much sushi as you would think. I expected to be so over fish by the time we arrived back in the states, but the big to do over there is not the sush…it is the noodle caboodle. We both tried baby squid and just to save you some time, money and embarrassment from tossing your cookies in a fancy smancy eatery take my advice: skip it. Maybe adult squid is more up my alley, but that riddle will have to wait to be solved until the next trip. A photo montage for your viewing pleasure.

Part duex of my bday to rival all bdays was a super fun celebration with my VIPs attending the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in full on costume. Instead of attempting to describe the pure craziness of the night in my own words, I am going to take advantage of my bestie and allow her to tell you all about it. Click here to read all the dirty dets!

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