Friday, April 2, 2010

Reunions are so pre-millennium

I have been a member of the RHS Class of 2002 Reunion group on for about a year or so now and I honestly do not know why. Here’s the deal kids: I really don’t see the point of class reunions for our generation anymore. Shocking, I know. I always thought I would be gung hoe to attend the big shin dig every 10 or so years because…gasp…I actually really enjoyed my high school experience. Seriously, I did. I loved high school so much that I actually CRIED when my parents were driving me up to college because I figured life just didn’t get better than good old Roswell High. Try to contain your laughter, please. Well, I certainly learned differently and while I will always have fond memories of high school I am now a tad apprehensive to jump on the whole reunion bandwagon deal.
I always thought the purpose of reunions was to reconnect with old friends, network and be nostalgic. Or see who got fat and bald. Whatevs. Well, nowa days with the advent of, I already know who got fat, knocked up and failed to graduate from college sooooooooo what’s the point? Ok ok, you say the point is to reconnect with old friends right? Well, again, with I am in touch with the people I want to be in touch with and have access readily available to those I might find interest in at some later point in time. So I just don’t see the point of the high school reunion anymore.
I guess that makes me a Debbie downer or cynical or just plain lame, but I really do not foresee myself shelling out the standard $75 for two drink tickets, bad buffet food, a cheesey DJ and embarrassing slideshow so me and the bf can talk to people we already talk to and avoid the ones we don’t.
I can safely say for certain: I am just too cool for school.


  1. Amen sister.

    We're having our own reunion--because after all these years, I still love ya!!!!

  2. I totally agree with you. Everyone I'd want to see/talk to/care about catching up with I already do via Fbook, blogs, etc. So basically, everyone "else" at a reunion would be all those "rejected" friend requests...haha.

    I love your blog for two reasons: a) you're a fabulously entertaining writer and b) I could rock out to T&S all day long.

  3. Just discovered your blog (I really must live under a rock?!) and I could not agree with you more!! Thanks to stalkbook we already know what everyone in our class is up to, so what's the point? I for one will not be attending!