Monday, October 19, 2009

All Is Love.

Tonight is THE night I have been waiting for since I was a wee child. I get to finally see the on screen version of Where the Wild Things Are. The only way I could be more excited was if they finally made the great film version of The Pokey Little Puppy. Anyone? No? Your loss. I have been listening to the amazeballs sound track for a few weeks now which I have posted a link below for your hearing pleasure. I suggest everyone run out and see it despite what any critics say...I mean, if this book wasn’t a part of your childhood then you missed out and should take advantage now.

Last week some of the girls got together for our annual carving and cocktails night at Sunnies. A few bottles of vino later made for some seriously good looking pumpkins. I think the best of the night was Lil Mar Mar’s which had not only a unibrow, but a mustache as well. Anything with a mustache is hilarious in my book.
On Friday, I was able to spend the night with my BFF from high school. We cozied up on the chilly night with some vino (sensing a trend…), Chinese and a DVD. We watched the Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Honestly, the best part of the whole 2 hours was seeing my future ex bf in the buff. HOT. Ryan, call me.

Saturday rolled around (along with winter) and after some laundry and chores I headed over to the Five Points Halloween Festival and Parade with Deanna and Kelly where we saw the WORST band in history, several zombies, a red neck band singing on a dragon and 3 of Kelly ex bfs. All of this was accompanied by the 40s we bought across the street at the gas station so we didn’t have to wait in the beer tent lines. Classy? No. Efficient? Yes. Don’t say I didn’t learn anything useful in college. After the festival of freaks and learning that black boys are indeed delicious, Kelly, Kay and I headed over to Park Tavern to watch some football, nosh and drink entirely too much. Hot totty? Yes please. Times two. After watching the demise of USC, we headed home for an intermission which involved more vino and a lovely gab fest. Daniel came home to two drunkie mcdrunksters and promptly scooped us up and took us out to the bars in East Atlanta. The night is rather fuzzy, but the highlights include an impromptu dance session to Lady Gaga with an old man at a lesbian bar, Daniel being sooo confusing and Kelly and I doing a weird hip thrusting dance all night. Oh alcohol.

Sunday was officially Daniel and I’s 6 month anniversary (we are precious). After suffering through my massive hangover we grabbed some food at Mellow Mushroom and then he returned to work. Kelly headed back over and we made chocolate covered strawberries and apples which were delic! The trick is to use milk when melting the chocolate. Afterwards, we took a nice stroll through the park and frolicked with the drum circle for a bit. It was freezing, but nice to get out of the house after recovering all day. I am enjoying the cooler weather, but I need a longer transition between seasons. Isn’t that what Mother Nature invented fall for? Hold up to your end of the bargain lady. Give me my fall.

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